1. Segment Bauindustrie

S. Hasler, W. Heinemann, U. Urlau, G. Nussbaum, U. Urlau, Y. Schiegg, C.-H. Voute, M. Lima, W. Kurz, H.R. Kohler:
Top12 the innovative reinforcing steel
Materials Week, 25-28  September 2000.
Eugen Brühwiler, Emmanuel Denarie, Ulrich Urlau, Stephan Hasler, Heiko Peter:
Betonstahl mit erhoehtem Korrosionswiderstand als Massnahme gegen chloridinduzierte Korrosion von Stahlbeton.
Beton und Stahlbetonbau Mai 2002.
Y. Schiegg, C.-H. Voute, M.Brem, H. Böhni, S. Hasler, U. Urlau:
Stainless steel reinforcement in concrete structures – Results of Laboratory and Field Investigations
International Conference on Concrete in Marine Enviroments, Ed N. D. Anh and M. W Braestrup, IABSE Vietnam National Center for Natural Science and Technology, 
Hanaoi, Vietnam (2002), p 193-202
Urlau. U.:
Neue Bewehrungsstähle für höhere Anforderungen
Inhouse Seminar von Moos Stahl AG, Nov. 2003
Y. Schiegg, C.-H. Voute, H. Peter, S. Hasler, U. Urlau:
Initiation and Corrosion Propagation of Stainless Steel Reinforcements in Concrete Structures
Italien 2004

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 2. Segment Zieher, Zerspaner

S.V. Subramanian, G. Zhu, X. Zhang, U. Urlau, H. Roelofs:
Design of inclusion engineered steel for high Speed machining.
4th International Conference on Metal Cutting and High Speed Machining, 
Darmstadt, 19.-20. März 2003.
S.V. Subramanian, H. O. Gekonde, G. Zhu,  X. Zhang, U. Urlau and H. Roelofs:
Inclusion engineering of steel to prevent chemical tool wear
Iron and Steelmaking 2004 vol. 31 No3 p 249-257
X. Zhang, H. Roellfs, St. Lemgen, U. Urlau, S.V. Subramanian:
Application of thermodynamik model for inclusion control in steelmaking to improve the machinability of low carbon free cutting steel
Steel Research int. 75 (2004) No. 5
Margot (IWF), Boeira (IWF), Kuster (IWF), Roelofs (vMS), Urlau (vMS), Weingaertner (LMP).:
Monitoring chip formation in machining through strategical on-line signal processing of acoustic emission.
The 38Th CIRP International Seminar on Manufacturing Systems, 
May 16/18 - 2005
Boeira (IWF), Margot (IWF), Kuster (IWF), Roelofs (vMS), Urlau (vMS), Weingaertner (LMP).:
On line chip speed measurement in the turning process
The 38Th CIRP International Seminar on Manufacturing Systems, 
May 16/18 - 2005
J. Chen, H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia, St. Hasler, H. Roelofs, U. Urlau:
Complete calculation of steel microstructure for strong alloys
Buenos Aires, 26.-28. Mai (2008)
H. Roelofs, St. Hasler , L. Chabbi, U. Urlau, J. Chen, H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia:
Multiphase structures in case hardening steels following continuous cooling
Buenos Aires, 26.-28. Mai (2008)
H. Roelofs, U. Urlau, M. Lembke, G. Olschewski:
New multiphase steels with excellent machinability
2nd Int Conf. On Steels in Cars and Trucks, 
Wiesbaden, 1.-5. Juni (2008)
H. Roelofs, St. Hasler, U. Urlau, M.I. Lembke, G. Olschewski:
Continuously cooled bainitic steel HSX®Z12: one decade of experience
4th Int. Conf. On Steels in Cars and Trucks, 
SCT-Braunschweig 15-19 June 2014

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3. Segment Kaltumformer

Krause, Urlau, Hasler:
Mikrolegierte Stähle für PKW Kugelzapfen
Sächsiche Umformtage 2004
Urlau, Hasler, Krause:
Microalloyed steel for non heat treated ball studs and pins
Steels in Cars and Trucks 2005
R. Kuziak, S. Zajac, R. Kawalla, S. Wengler, K. Stercken, J. Noack, M. Saft, R. Jakubczak, U. Urlau, S. Hasler, L. Chabbi
Cold Heading quality low-carbon ultra-high-stregnth bainitic steels (Coheadbain) *
European Commission, Research Fund for Coal and Steel
Contract No RFSR-CT-2005-00031, 1 July 2005 to 30 June 2008, 
Final Report 2010

* In case you want to see the publication, please make a 
  direct request to Urlau Innomanagement (the file is too big)
S. Hasler, H. Roelofs, U.Urlau and J. Kruse:
New bainitic steel for cold heating applications
3nd Int Conf. On Steels in Cars and Trucks, 
Salzburg, 05.-09. June (2011)
J. Kruse, U. Urlau, S. Hasler, P.-A. Schwarz, V. Dünkel:
Shortening the process chain in the ball pin production, Chassis Components by Using Stainless Steel
International Conference in “New Developments in Forging Technology”,
Fellbach, Germany, June 4th and 5th, 2013
J. Kruse, U. Urlau, S. Hasler, P. Schwarz, V. Dünkel:
Stainless steel ball pins in chassis components
4th Int. Conf. On Steels in Cars and Trucks, 
SCT-Braunschweig 15-19 June 2014

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